Tattoo Bookings

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Please email the particular design you're wanting to have tattooed, also where on the body and roughly how big in cm.
(I'll further discuss availability, size recommendation and price) If the artwork is unavailable, a one-off piece can be created whilst being inspired by the original flash
- A small handfull of older flash can be repeated (unless I've noted it to be a one off or personally discussed)
- Flash can also be altered


Custom work (blackwork only)
BOOKS CURRENTLY CLOSED (for those who still enquire will be added to a waitlist) Books reopening in June 2022.

Always open to hearing you're idea's and how we can interoperate them. Artistic freedom plays a massive role with creativity so please keep that in mind...It's the key to a unique design specifically made for you.

When messaging please include
- rough size in cm's
- placement
- days available
Along with a couple image references, insporation / or work of mine that you connect with most.

If you don't particularly have a solid idea in mind, we can get creative and base a design around certain words, objects, emotions or is everything with an open concept like this and does take time. A consultation would be needed so we can discuss more in person.

Price varies depending on the concept  (rough quote can be provided / how may sessions or time needed)

A $100 deposit is required to secure a booking and comes off the final price on the day. This deposit is non-refundable and acts as security for the time spent working on a design and the whole booking process. Artwork shown on the day of the booking. 

If you have any further questions just shoot me an email at


Commissioned artwork


Tattoo permission for supporters overseas (original artwork only)

~ $50 (sent via Paypal invoice)

Please contact me in regards to the design you're wanting. I will confirm if its fine to use or not. Once purchased you'll be sent out a digital print via email to be handed over to a tattooist. All I ask for in return is a photo of the tattoo and the artwork to be credited if uploaded. Much love folks!

"All designs except are for personal use only, not to be resold, branded or redistributed ©Sanpo Lou  Artist still owns the rights to original artwork unless charged and signed upon in contact"